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RELI157X - Religion and Hip Hop Culture is available to all as an online course through May 5, 2015


The Religion and Hip Hop Culture course at Rice co-taught by Dr. Anthony B. Pinn, Agnes Cullen Arnold Professor of Humanities and Professor of Religion Director of Graduate Studies and Grammy nominated Hip Hop artist, Bernard “Bun B” Freeman will be offered on-line beginning March 24, 2015. This course explores Hip Hop cultures' religious dimensions through its musical language-rap music. The on-line (MOOC) course is a non profit education platform developed and operated by Harvard and MIT.

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The course is designed to appeal to a global audience, participants can audit the course for free, or pay for a certificate and no experience is necessary.  Visit the course page to register!

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The CERCL Writing Collective launches a book on churches and hip-hop

BreakingBreadBreakingBeatsWhat is hip-hop, and how does it impact the Black Church? How does the Black Church integrate hip-hop? How do black churches think about hip-hop? How do these different, yet deeply interrelated communities think about the key topics of modern life—be it gender, sex, race, or globalization?
These questions and more are the concern of the CERCL Writing Collective, under the mentorship of Anthony Pinn. In this innovative project, ten individuals write as one voice to illuminate the ways that hip-hop and the Black Church agree, disagree, and inform each other on key topics. 
This book grows out of the popular religion and hip-hop course, soon to be offered as an open enrollment online course, at Rice University by Anthony B. Pinn and Bernard 'Bun B' Freeman. Like the course, the book offers engaging insights into one of today’s most important musical genres and reflects on its broad cultural impact. More>>