Formerly known as Houston Enriches Rice Education, the HERE Project has become the Center for Engaged Research and Collaborative Learning (CERCL) and is now a part of Rice’s Kinder Institute for Urban Research. CERCL is a curricular and research initiative that uses innovative research, engaged pedagogy and other approaches to promote and advance creative models and practices of leadership benefiting new generations of leaders. Please visit often to see updates on upcoming events and initiatives or join our  mailing list  and facebook page for invitations and updates.  

Join us for what will be an amazing evening as we celebrate and learn from one of the most brilliant and powerful thinkers in generations! It is indeed a treat to have Dr. James Cone joining us March 20th at Rice University!  

The Posse Foundation: Preparing the Next Generation of Leaders

 DeborahBialDeborah Bial • Founder & President, The Posse Foundation

Thursday • April 17, 2014 • 6:30 pm

309 Sewall Hall • Rice University • 6100 Main Street • Houston, TX 77005

For directions, parking info and maps visit http://parking.rice.edu/

Lecture is free and open to the public 

Posse is one of the most comprehensive college access and youth leadership development programs in the United States. Founding President Deborah Bial developed a model to identify promising students from urban backgrounds using an alternative set of measures as predictors of success in college. Selected students attend college in multicultural teams—or ‘Posses’—and receive financial, academic and social support throughout their college careers. These students end up persisting and graduating from elite colleges at very high rates and go on to become leaders in the workforce.  

Come hear Dr. Bial talk about the importance of making a deliberate investment in students from diverse backgrounds at our most selective colleges and university.

7th Annual High School Outreach Essay Contest

We received great responses to this year's question:

In the 21st century, we use computers, software programs and other technologies in everyday life. In order to take advantage of shifting technology, the HISD Superintendent has asked you to serve as the chairperson of a new task force on technology and education. The task force has been asked to present a report answering this question: How should HISD use digital learning to transform schools and education in Houston, and what technology should be used to accomplish this?  

All students from participating schools who entered an essay in the contest have been invited to our all day writing workshop where they'll learn about college admissions and receive instruction on creating an outstanding college application essay. Look out for winners to be announces soon!

At our annual writing workshop, undergraduates from Rice worked with 10th and 11th graders to create an outstanding college application essay. (pictures above)

Houston Mayor Annise Parker recognized the High School Outreach Essay Contest and the winners of the 2010 Essay contest. Click here to read her letter.

For more information see our High School Outreach page.